After...Mmmm Good

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey Ronnie I'm Missing the McRib !!!

I know we've been reading Schlosser's book and he's not the biggest fan of MickyD's but I gotta admit one thing... I love the McRib and they need to bring it back. Who's with me??? A McRib and a good batch of fries when they get'em right, nice and hot and salty, like before they changed the oil they're cooked in..... ooohhh man I actually am Lovin It....with somethings you just gotta forget about whether its healthy or not and just focus on the taste; a good slice of New York pepperoni pizza, a nice juicy burger, a medium rare steak, chicken fried just right, bbq ribs falling off the bone dripping with sauce , a Coffee Fribble ( a milkshake from Friendlys for all you youngstas ), 3 cheese 3 meat lasagna and Mcdonalds fries done just right....


  1. Hahah you so funny . I NEVER KNEW THAT McDonald's had a MacRib it looks good though.

  2. I tried the McRib once many years ago, when they first invented it. It was debuted in the southeastern US, and I happened to be down there on a trip. It's remained pretty widely available down there too -- maybe sort of a regional specialty.

    I have to admit, I had no love for the McRib. Everything else on your list sounds pretty great right now, though.