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Monday, April 19, 2010

MLA Annotated Bibliography on " Farming Cattle & Livestock "

Livestock Farms May Increase Asthma Risk." Newswire. UPI. 21 June 2006. Web

A study done in Iowa on the effects of large-scale livestock farms and CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) on children specifically with asthma. Study shows that inflammatory substances are released from CAFO’s and cause health damage to workers and nearby communities. Researchers studied two elementary schools, one near a CAFO and one farther away. Study found that percentage for asthma doubled at school closer than school farther away.

USA. Missouri Environmental Compliance. Concentrated Animal Feeding Bill Passes. By
Armstrong, Teasdale, Schlafy, and Davis. M. Lee Smith & Printers, 1996. Print.

A Missouri bill from the Department of Natural Resources outlining the rules and laws Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations must abide by. Rules defining the amount of space needed compared to the amount of animals being housed. How record keeping and inspections are to be handled. The fund that must be created by each Operation.

Weiss, Rick. "FDA Is Set To Approve Milk, Meat From Clones." Newswire. TechNews. 17 Oct. 2006. Web.

An article on the ongoing battle to get FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval on selling food products from genetically cloned animals. Studies showing the health and safety comparisons of the cloned animals compared to normal ones. Debate on whether or not the FDA should take into consideration any ethical concerns of cloned meat. The International Dairy Foods Association role in FDA action concerning the approval of sales and labeling of cloned animal products for public consumption.

Allen, Arthur. "As Food Production and Preparation Moves Farther Afield, Tainted Items Become Hard to Avoid." The Washington Post 8 Dec. 2009, Health sec.: HE01. Print

An article on food –borne diseases becoming more prevalent in America. Example of a young child getting sick from contaminated apple juice. Information on E.coli 0157:H7. How it affected the fast food industry. Now not only corn fed cattle are carrying E.coli 0157 but grass fed free ranging ones also. How some vegetables including tomatoes are vulnerable. Also details recent outbreaks of food poisoning across America.

Environmental Protection Agency. Documents and Publications. Feedlot Facility Pays $8,000 for Alleged Animal Waste Violations. Ontario, Oregon, 2009. Print.

Press release from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) on an Oregon concentrated animal feeding operations owner paying fine his operation having animal waste leaking into a river tributary. How the EPA cracking down on animal feeding operations polluting waters under the Clean Water Act.

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